Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Gatorade Run 1122

My partner and I were very excited to join the very first Gatorade Run here in the country.  Gatorade has been very active in participating in most marathons as a sponsor and them organizing their own race is not only very exciting but is also long overdue.  Let me share my experience in this race.

Date: November 22, 2015
Where: MOA Grounds, Pasay City
Organizer: Runrio

Registration fee for 11k: P1,100
I had great difficulty in registering my boyfriend and I for this race because of the complex you need to go through.  First, you have to buy a prepaid card in selected branches of Adidas and then you will have to use that to register online.  After you have registered online, you would have to wait for the availability of the singlets and then go back again to your chosen Adidas branch.  Unfortunately, only selected branches are pick-up points and none of them are in the South of the Metro.  This was such a hassle for me as I would have to tread the traffic and travel far for the singlet.  Upon reading the forums on Facebook about the race, they mentioned that people can still register in the chosen Adidas branches even after the registration period ended.  So Dave and I went the Fort to register but to our dismay, they said we can no longer register.  We were so disheartened.  And then there was an announcement that people can register on the day. Woohoo! We were able to race!

The singlet was AWESOME! It was a neon orange racer back (sleeveless shirt for men) with cool, minimal design.  The material used was exceptional, I really liked it.  Good thing Gatorade partnered with Adidas.  My only regret was, since we were late to register, I got the Large size which was really big for me.

It was on familiar grounds for me, stretching all the way to Roxas and back to MOA.  I really enjoyed this race even though they had 8,000 participants because the people who participated were all enthusiastic and seemed like they were having fun.  There was even one guy who came all the way from Bulacan and accidentally left his race bib at home but still participated in the race.  There were stations almost after every kilometer with more Gatorade stations than water stations.  Marshals were complete, directional signages were there as well as ambulance and medical stations.

Finisher's Shirt
Right after I finished the race, I claimed my finisher's shirt immediately.  I wouldn't want to get the wrong size again, so at least my finisher shirt had to be right.  It was just as cool as the singlet!  I think its from their climacool line.

After Event
The set-up of the event after the race was a bit more lively than most races because of the inflatables and all.  They also had a lot of different booths, some of them were very interesting and new to me.

Recovery booth

Personalize your shirt

Hydration consultation

Trivia station

Congratulations Gatorade and Adidas for a successful event! We would definitely join again next year!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Juice Hut Manila

I make it a point to cleanse and detox after a period of mindless eating, when I feel bloated and heavy.  The method I use is juicing, wherein you just take fruit and vegetable juices for a period of time.  For me, I only juice for three days.  That’s as much as I can handle.   

My favorite juice program is the one from Juice Hut Manila.  They have the three-day juice program which I always get.  This consists of 21 bottles in total, 7 250 ml bottles a day.

I have tried several juice programs from different brands but Juice Hut Manila is my choice and here’s why:

1.     All their juices taste great. Seriously! I enjoy drinking all their flavors especially their milk blends. Even my boyfriend liked it.

2.     The program offers 7 bottles a day which helps me survive the day without feeling dizzy or weak. They also provide you with a guide on what to take and when to take it.  For me, what I do is, I take one bottle every two hours to help me survive the day.

3.     Their program is affordable. Of all the juice programs I have tried, their program is the most affordable one.  The 3-day program just costs 3,100!

On the first day of cleansing, I already released the toxins I needed to release and I already started feeling great.  After completing 3 days, I feel renewed and totally clean! People were even complimenting me about my skin, saying I have that “glow”.  I’m pretty sure its from juicing. 

After juicing, you can now start your journey to eating healthy as you wouldn’t want junk to enter your body again.  Taking in junk (and carbs!) would feel uncomfortable. So start your cleanse and be healthy! =)